The Digital Mental Health Project was founded during a late 2014 sabbatical where we were exploring how digital technology is being used in the mental health field, aka MentalTech. Over time it has evolved from that mapping of the space to a company database to a series of conference talks to a digital mental health blog to digital mental health event participation to an advisory practice to a digital mental health literacy series.

Our intention is to produce educational experiences that enable a “responsible” adoption of  MentalTech.
Our work is focused on aiding consumers & caregivers, implementors, founders and funders in this space.   

Our projects includes:

  1. The StressTech & MentalTech Literacy Series, offer education on digital mental health options, their benefits and risks, and how to engage the healthcare system in their use, in presentation, workshop, course and article formats.

  2. The Digital Stress Management Survey, an ongoing survey measuring the degree to which mentaltech is being used, and also why not. Please participate and spread word of it in your network. We share the results with participants.

  3. Advisory & Consulting Services which include:
    1. landscape & market category analyses,
    2. partnership assessments
    3. go-to-market plans,
    4. customer technographic research.

See our capabilities deck below:

Please reach us at to talk more about how we can add value to the work you are doing to improve mental health outcomes responsibly leveraging digital technology.
Our Principals are Craig A. & Cheryl L. DeLarge. They are both mental health advocates and caregivers as well as healthcare executives, Craig, as a digital health strategist and Cheryl as a learning & development leader.  This Project brings together their occupational expertise and their vocational calling to positively impact mental health outcomes.
Over 3 decades of his earlier career, Craig held healthcare marketing and digital health roles with Takeda Pharma, Merck, Sharpe & Dohme, Novo Nordisk, GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Communications Media, Inc, IMS Health (now IQVIA) and the (U.S.) National Alliance on Mental Illness. He has additionally been a marketing, strategy, change leadership & communications professor at Philadelphia University + Thomas Jefferson University, St. Joseph’s University, Chestnut Hill College, Drexel University, Penn State – Great Valley.  
He has degrees in Marketing from Philadelphia University (BSc), and Design Management (MBA) from the University of Westminster (UK). He is a candidate Public Health Masters student at Kings College, London. He is further a certified professional coach and published author of The WiseWorking Handbook (2014).
During this same time, Cheryl held IT and HR learning & development roles with Merck, Sharpe & Dohme implementing innovative learning approaches and technologies for leaders and managers.
She has degrees in Computer Information Systems from Messiah College (BSc) and Human Resources Development (MS) from Drexel University. 
They both reside in Philadelphia, PA, USA.