Given our intention to produce educational experiences that enable a “responsible adoption of MentalTech, we use this space to detail a number of educational offerings we have historically and are currently producing.

Current Educational Experiences

The MentalTech and StressTech Literacy Series are programs we are developing to address a gap we see in the level of technology knowledge that exists among consumer, caregivers, and professionals. We are developing two versions of this series,

  1. what digital tech options are available in the marketplace?
  2. how does one choose the best among available options for their particular digital lifestyle?
  3. how does one work best with the health and social care systems to integrate digital tech into their care?

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Historic Educational Experiences 

  1. 2019 Mental Health WearablesAnxietyTech Conference – August 2019 – New York, NY
  2. 2018 MentalPharma + MentalTechexperiMental Conference – November 2018 – San Francisco, CA

  3. 2018 Digital Mental Health LandscapeDigital Innovation in Mental Health – July 2018 – London, UK
  4. 2016 Digital Mental Health + Mental Health Wearables – National University of Singapore – March 2016 – Singapore
  5. 2015 Digital Mental Health Innovation Challenge – April 2015 – New York, NY

We love to deliver these talks, and other customized talks as talks and workshops so please reach to us at, if you would like to engage us to add value to your event experience.