The Positive Effects of “Cultural Tailoring” in MentalTech: A Study Summary

As I have ongoing conversations with colleagues about digitally mediated mental health interventions, a continuous theme that comes up is how to customize interventions for diverse audiences based on criteria like gender, socio-economic status, ethnicity, regionality, technographics, etc. As I read studies ongoing, I am always looking for examples that address this question, and appreciate […]

What I‘ve been reading this week … TelaDoc; MediBio; Lyra Health; American Psych Association; etc., expanding access; growing evidence of efficacy

During my regular reading about developments in the digital mental health space, I like to occasionally share articles I have been reading which especially get at how digital mental health access is expanding and the barriers to adoption are weakening. Your further perspectives on these topics is appreciated. 1 TelaDoc taps underserved Mental Health patients with […]