My Take (#1) on Becky Inkster’s Digital Innovation in Mental Health Conference: Beware of Impatient Money’s Potential to Harm DMH’s Trust

Back on July 17–18, I was priveleged to be a part of the Digital Innovation in Mental Health Conference in London, UK. This gathering of stellar digital mental health (dmh) colleagues spanning research, policy, provider orgs, public health and business. It was also cool to see representation from the UK, EU, Australia, Africa, China, Europe, India, North America, Singapore […]

Telepsych: Breaking Time, Distance, Stigma & Engagement Barriers

As part of unpacking digital mental health subcategories, let’s look at telepsych. Here we have the delivery of psych services via a range of digital channels spanning from low bandwidth (SMS/chat/messaging) to broadband (video/tele) connections. Note we use this term for applications where professional treaters are connected to clients to administer formal psycho- & pharmaco-therapies. This category is among the […]