Digital Health Formularies: Digital Health’s Curators & eRx Facilitators?

One of the most vexing risks of the digital mental health space is that of efficacy and safety amid an overwhelming number of choices. I have been heartened to discover an emergent subcategory of services which play a similar role in the digital therapeutics ecosystems, as drug formularies play in the drug therapeutics space. I […]

6 Insights on Change, Process & Adoption from The Behavioral Healthcare Congress, 2018

In October 2018, I enjoyed the privilege of chairing the technology track of the Behavioral Health Congress, in Arlington, VA. This was an especially eye-opening Congress for me, focused on provider organizations where the technology and its applications were familiar but the context and operational considerations, quite different. Several insights I derived from my time […]

My Take #5 on #DIMH2018: Digital Mental Health Territory: A Strategic Overview

One of the great privileges of 2018, for me, was not only attending but speaking at #DIMH2018. It was a great opportunity to present my overview of the digital mental health territory. For those interested, I’ve included a 2 minute excerpt of the talk in video below, …and if you like that you can dig deeper with […]

Telepsych: Breaking Time, Distance, Stigma & Engagement Barriers

As part of unpacking digital mental health subcategories, let’s look at telepsych. Here we have the delivery of psych services via a range of digital channels spanning from low bandwidth (SMS/chat/messaging) to broadband (video/tele) connections. Note we use this term for applications where professional treaters are connected to clients to administer formal psycho- & pharmaco-therapies. This category is among the […]

What I‘ve been reading this week … TelaDoc; MediBio; Lyra Health; American Psych Association; etc., expanding access; growing evidence of efficacy

During my regular reading about developments in the digital mental health space, I like to occasionally share articles I have been reading which especially get at how digital mental health access is expanding and the barriers to adoption are weakening. Your further perspectives on these topics is appreciated. 1 TelaDoc taps underserved Mental Health patients with […]

5 Digital Mental Health Categories Spanning the Care Continuum

In parallel with developing the Digital Mental Health Map, I surveyed as many different applications in this space as I could find. It probably does without saying that I was pleasantly surprised, even overwhelmed by the number of applications which exist. The illustration above summarizes those I found. There are many way in which these […]