My Take #4 on #DIMH2018: How the Integration of Digital & Theatre Aids Screening and Battles Stigma

While at this conference, hands down the most unexpectedly innovative application of digital mental health was in the “Digital Interactive Theatre” by James Wilson and colleagues, who put on a production called “Behind These Closed Doors”. In their session, they executed a form of improv, “pick-a-path” theatre where audience members, using a mobile app, MEETOO, are able to alter the storyline […]

What I‘ve been reading this week … TelaDoc; MediBio; Lyra Health; American Psych Association; etc., expanding access; growing evidence of efficacy

During my regular reading about developments in the digital mental health space, I like to occasionally share articles I have been reading which especially get at how digital mental health access is expanding and the barriers to adoption are weakening. Your further perspectives on these topics is appreciated. 1 TelaDoc taps underserved Mental Health patients with […]

Read This Post & Solve This Problem

Now further elaborating on insights and hunches which have occurred to me in this research, here is a second that occurred to me. Take a read and let me know what you think. [And I hope you enjoyed the rebus.] Application volume by disease seems to mimic the continuum of social mental disorder stigma. Mental disorders […]

5 Digital Mental Health Categories Spanning the Care Continuum

In parallel with developing the Digital Mental Health Map, I surveyed as many different applications in this space as I could find. It probably does without saying that I was pleasantly surprised, even overwhelmed by the number of applications which exist. The illustration above summarizes those I found. There are many way in which these […]