My Take #4 on #DIMH2018: How the Integration of Digital & Theatre Aids Screening and Battles Stigma

While at this conference, hands down the most unexpectedly innovative application of digital mental health was in the “Digital Interactive Theatre” by James Wilson and colleagues, who put on a production called “Behind These Closed Doors”. In their session, they executed a form of improv, “pick-a-path” theatre where audience members, using a mobile app, MEETOO, are able to alter the storyline […]

Take #3 from #DIMH2018: The Cultural Customization Opportunity in DMH: The Delicate Mind, Henry Health & Faithful Counseling

As this space has developed, we see solutions developed to accommodate humans in general with a bias towards humans socialized by Western cultures. As this space continue to grow it is going to be interesting to observe how cultural customisation emerges in solution development. Such customisations might include ethnic customization, like with Henry Health for African American men, or […]

The Digital Mental Health Map: Framing the Space

In any strategy exercise, a map of the territory on which battle is waged, is necessary. The map’s contours reflect the strategist view to start. As the map is shared and discussed with fellow strategists, it becomes more informed and effective in supporting strategic (advantageous) action. This task is what I want to begin to […]