StressTech & COVID-19: Why You Should Care!

At The Digital Mental Health Project, we work to increase the public’s literacy regarding how everyday digital technology can support healthier stress levels. Here we want to talk about how, and why this literacy is so important in this current COVID-19 crisis. StressTech Implications of COVID-19 The COVID-19 situation is one where the lack of […]

StressTech Literacy Series: Using DigitalTech to Achieve Healthier Stress Levels is Launched!

True to our intention to continually develop educational offerings that enable a responsible adoption of MentalTech, we have developed and released our StressTech literacy series. Different from our forthcoming MentalTech literacy series, StressTech focused on technology applications that achieve healthier stress levels. It’s focused on wellness versus illness. It targets caregivers, workers,¬†and students, who are […]