Apply This!: Clinically Meaningful Mental Health App Use Behaviors that Impacts Depression

An emergent theme in this blog is related to research that delineates different models and categorizations related to how mentaltech is being adopted. Historically, we have blogged about such in these posts: HCP Adoption Levels Model Cultural Tailoring of Teletherapy StressTech Adoption patterns and insights This post, I summarize findings of a paper “Clinical Meaningful […]

The MentalTech I Use: Mental Health Chatbots

Recently, I while at the Healthcare Experience Design Conference (#HXD2019) in Boston, MA, USA, put on by MAD*POW, one of the best healthcare experience design firms on the planet, and participated in a Leadership Roundtable Workshop. During this workshop, the question of which are our favorite healthcare apps came up. In answering, I realized that lately […]