One of the great privileges of 2018, for me, was not only attending but speaking at #DIMH2018. It was a great opportunity to present my overview of the digital mental health territory.

For those interested, I’ve included a 2 minute excerpt of the talk in video below,

…and if you like that you can dig deeper with the full 34 minute talk here: The slides can be found at:

Some highlights from the talk include:

1. the notion that this space now contains some digital solution for most every gap we find in the system (Slide 7)

2. the bifurcation between solutions’ studies, some about the therapies they delivered and other as therapies themselves (Slide 20)

3. the estimation that though the majority of digital mental health firms are in the US and the hotspots further east are Israel, Singapore, and we suspect, China (Slide 21)

4. the uncanny spike in digital mental health startups in the 5 years, 2010 to 2014 (Slide 22).

This presentation is the best summation of the research I have been doing via my desk research and database to date and we will continue to update it periodically. I hope you find it helpful. Reach to me if I can help with delivering this talk to your organization and conducting workshops to aid your work in developing strategies to capitalize on these trends.


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