Recently I had the pleasure of being a guest on the Mental Health Radio Network (MHRN). a network of over 70 podcasts on a broad number of topics related to mental health ranging from 1st responders to addiction to autism to politics to spirituality to suicide to teens to veterans to business to creative arts and more. This network is run by Kristin Walker, who also interviewed me.

We had an enjoyable and wide-ranging discussion which you can listen to here. We covered off on my story, The Digital Mental Health Project and trends in the MentalTech space.

I recently discovered this podcast network, and what a gem! It is an example of what we call psychoeducation, content that I use regularly as part of my own bibliotherapy practice as part of my personal resilience strategy. This content plays an important role in the digital mental health ecosystem from a news, education and inspiration standpoint. I am so grateful for the work Kristin and her team is doing. I cherish the availability of this content and it should not be taken for granted.

Check out MHRN and please subscribe to their podcasts which serve your mental health interests.

Be well.

PS: Oh yeah, also continue to spread the word about our work at the Project and do subscribe to our newsletter.

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