As we’ve done this research, it has been really encouraging to me to discover that professionals interested in this topic of digital mental health regularly get together in symposia, innovation challenges, hack-a-thons, conferences, etc., to present research, network and discuss trends & solutions. We are so jazzed about these trends that we have created a list of digital mental health events which you can find below. It will give you a view of the variety of events that are taking place continually over time. The links in this list include agendas, speakers, and on some cases transcripts, presentations & videos.

As you review this list, please suggest events you know of that we have not included. Also spread the link to the list far and wide. Also, we will keep it up to date as we periodically search and get new information about digital mental health events, and post updates from time to time.

The work of change in any field is very difficult and all the more so in healthcare. Being an early adopter, or encouraging others to be early adopters, can be very lonely. This is the reason why it’s really important that we who have a vision for a better, and digitally-enabled mental health system, be familiar with one another and the work that we’re doing. Being aware of the events related to this topic, those speaking at them, and the topics and advances they are speaking about is critical. We hope this list helps you in that regard.

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For convenience, we have decided to move the list to this post. See below.

Digital Mental Health Events – as of February 8, 2020



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