What I‘ve been reading this week … TelaDoc; MediBio; Lyra Health; American Psych Association; etc., expanding access; growing evidence of efficacy

During my regular reading about developments in the digital mental health space, I like to occasionally share articles I have been reading which especially get at how digital mental health access is expanding and the barriers to adoption are weakening. Your further perspectives on these topics is appreciated. 1 TelaDoc taps underserved Mental Health patients with […]

4 Shadow Elements limiting Digital Mental Health’s Rate of Adoption (Updated August 22, 2018)

My enthusiasm about the potential of digital technology in the mental health space, is always tempering by 4 factors that make these applications risky, potentially damaging. I call these the “Shadow Elements” of digital mental health and have written about this elsewhere in the past. See Samaritans Radar & Digital Mental Health’s Shadow Elements on Linkedin). These Shadow […]

Read This Post & Solve This Problem

Now further elaborating on insights and hunches which have occurred to me in this research, here is a second that occurred to me. Take a read and let me know what you think. [And I hope you enjoyed the rebus.] Application volume by disease seems to mimic the continuum of social mental disorder stigma. Mental disorders […]

5 Digital Mental Health Categories Spanning the Care Continuum

In parallel with developing the Digital Mental Health Map, I surveyed as many different applications in this space as I could find. It probably does without saying that I was pleasantly surprised, even overwhelmed by the number of applications which exist. The illustration above summarizes those I found. There are many way in which these […]

The Digital Mental Health Map: Framing the Space

In any strategy exercise, a map of the territory on which battle is waged, is necessary. The map’s contours reflect the strategist view to start. As the map is shared and discussed with fellow strategists, it becomes more informed and effective in supporting strategic (advantageous) action. This task is what I want to begin to […]

Welcome to The Digital Mental Health Project!

My name is Craig A. DeLarge I am a digital health strategist, and also a mental health advocate. In 2014, I started the Digital Mental Health Project to map the market spaces where digital technologies are being used to address the preservation and recovery of mental health. As I have done this research, my original mapping intention has evolved […]

Digital Mental Health Texts

In my research of this space, I have come across these texts which have aided my own in-depth education. Please let us know if there are any we have missed and should add for benefit of the global community of practitioners. 1. The Use of Technology in Mental Health (2010): http://www.amazon.com/Use-Technology-Mental-Health-Applications/dp/0398079544/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1458818281&sr=8-1&keywords=the+use+of+technology+in+mental+health 2. Mental Health in […]

Mental Health Digital 2015 Innovation Challenge Event

In 2015, we co-hosted what was among the first digital mental health innovation challenges anywhere in the world, with Health 2.0 NYC and a host of others. It was a fabulous event that kicked-off a conversation that continues to this day. See the insights from the Mental Health Digital Innovation Challenge. We even produce a highlight […]

Digital Pharma East Doctor’s Channel Interview

Here is an interview we conducted with The Doctor’s Channel at the Digital Pharma East 2014 Conference in Philadelphia, PA where we articulate the purpose and work of the Project. See post here: http://www.thedoctorschannel.com/view/utilizing-digital-technologies-to-improve-mental-health-care/?event=newuser&event_type=oneclick

ePharma Blog post on Pharma’s Digital Mental Health Opportunity

Here is a post we wrote on Pharma’s opportunity as it relates to digital mental health which was rather prescient when written back in 2015 given current trends with pharma developed digital therapeutics. See post here: https://knect365.com/pharmanext/article/aec7b367-d929-48b2-ba70-66d5013441e6/pharmas-beyond-the-pill-mental-health-opportunity

Craig DeLarge Digital Mental Health Interview with Michael Rucker

Here is an early digital mental health interview we conducted with Michael Rucker, PhD, on September 23, 2014, regarding the Project and its intentions. See post here: http://michaelrucker.com/thought-leader-interviews/health-wellness-fitness/craig-delarge-about-digital-mental-health/