So aside from the great value of attending AnxietyTech, back in August 2019, I had the further honor of being able to deliver a talk on MentalTech Wearables, a mental tech area near and dear to my “gadgeteer’s heart. This was the 3rd time I have delivered this talk and the first time in about 3 years. It was amazing to me how much offerings in this space have grown in such a short time. An update of our database revealed more than 30 offerings in this space addressing disorders from depression and anxiety to psychosis to phobia to obsessive/compulsive behaviors to autism to addictions to dementia.

Highlights from the presentation are below:
1. Ubiquitous application across all of the care continuum and tech categories as biometric capture, therapy & insight delivery.

Of the wearable forms, handhelds and bands are most popular, with novel outliers like glasses, shirts, adhesives/clips, shoes and even those which observe one (aka, observables) and which can be ingested (aka, ingestibles like Abilify MyCite)
Most offerings in the space are for depression/anxiety. This result fuel a hypothesis that disorders where there is lessened stigma, more funding is attracted, fueling more R&D and yielding more offerings in the space. Again a hypothesis which points to the value of continuing to address stigma regarding mental disorders.
At the end of the talk, we share insights for the audience, which was largely product and user experience development professionals, as to how their expertise can drive progress in this space. The list is below:

Additionally, we alluded to future opportunities:

A slidecast of this talk I recorded is embedded below.

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