This past Friday, October 12th, I had the great pleasure of accompanying my good colleague, Fard Johnmar of Enspektos and Jen Horonjeff of Savvy Cooperative, in a webinar, “Why Digital Addiction Solutions and Voice-Enabled Technologies Matter to Patients and Industry”. In this webinar, Fard took time to give an update on the latest “digital addiction solutions”, aka “addictiontech” trends related to his “digihealth impact trac” study and Jen presented findings from a patient survey she conducted about the digital technographics of those recovering from addictions. I then had an opportunity to talk about some of the digital addiction recovery solutions I have seen in my own research. This session was recorded and I will post the link to it when it is released but today I want to quickly mention some insights that resonated with me from this session.

  1. It was confirmatory to see that the most popular digital channels used in addiction recovery context were mobile and social. This is not surprising given that these are presently those channels which we use the most as a society. This is also consistent with results I have seen in the Digital Stress Management Survey, results of which I will release soon.
  2. It was encouraging to find a range of digital addiction recovery plays in my database. They range:

a) from mobile, social & gamified point solutions like SoberGrid and ResQ,

b) to therapy delivery platforms like WorkIt Health and WellBrain (which also works with NeuroSky MindWave EEG wearable)

c) to AI-driven care management platforms like ZenCharts, Addicaid and TriggrHealth.

In our ensuing discussion, we talked about the opportunity for these technologies to:

Again, it was a great session and helped me to further get my own head around the presence and potential of “addictiontech”, as well as the need for continuing to crack the code to how we get more of this tech responsibly to those who are in dire need of it.

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