Ok, so picking up on where I left off with my post on the Digital Mental Health Map last week, I am taking time here to reflect on some insights which occur to me as I think about, and curate in regard to, these cubular dimensions. Here is one of at least 3 that is, and needs continued, address:

Players have serious “silo issues” and “integration opportunities”. The mental health, like the physical health, system, is both multi-disciplinary and multi-siloed involving players beyond the traditional healthcare and medical systems to those in the educational, social welfare, and law enforcement/penal systems. In this space, the majority of offerings are for consumers/sufferers/patients (c/s/p), mostly in the form of apps, and with too few of those having solid clinical trial evidence or demonstrating strong privacy and security regimes.

We are seeing an increasing volume and sophistication of offerings for c/s/p and other players. Part of this sophistication is to bridge the natural silos in this ecosystem, providing an integrated tracking and view of care. Again, adoption lags development in ithis opportunity space. I will write in more detail about electronic records, care coordination platforms and data plays addressing this opportunity in future posts.

As “culture eats strategy for breakfast”, success will require a change in siloed cultures in order for digital and tech strategies to work optimally. The reconciliation of these separate “player” silo cultures, language, incentives, etc, will be the harder part by far. My hope is that as we highlight the successful proofs of concept and results of early-adopting systems, we will reach a tipping point towards a new better and integrated functioning of the mental (& physical) health system.

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Be (mentally & emotionally) well.

Postscript: The Digital Mental Health Survey

Also, last week, I failed to mention that I have an ongoing Digital Mental Health Awareness & Use Survey to help get a take on how people are aware of and using digital tech for mental health. It only takes about 7 minutes to complete. It can be found here: (http://bit.ly/dMHpLinks). Thanks for participating and spreading the word on it. I will be reporting out on its initial (and ongoing) findings in future posts.

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