Now further elaborating on insights and hunches which have occurred to me in my research, here is a third that occurred to me. Take a read and let me know what you think.

Education & prevention solutions are relatively easy; treatment & recovery solutions are harder; persistent long-term use for outcomes is the hardest. Because of their relative simplicity, low cost and lack of need for clinical validation, we see more offerings developed for education and prevention than for treatment and recovery. The good news here is that with greater use of the former more should maintain their mental health, lessening the growth in the need for treatment.

The challenge is whether as many are using the educational and prevention solutions as should be. The opportunity is to continue to grow the number, sophistication, clinical evidence base, affordability, trust and adoption of the offerings for treatment and recovery. This is indeed the differential work and purpose of this Project as all the cool digital tech we develop can only produce positive outcome if used.

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Be (mentally & emotionally) well.


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